Thank You Mother Earth For Fighting Back

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Today I woke up with a heavy heart. It’s hard to deal with the emotions at the moment. It’s not like I really ever go out that that much but the feeling of isolation, the distance between me and my family in the UK and France has got me a little low.

I have lived in Spain for the past three years but I was so lucky to have lived in Melbourne for over 5 years before we moved here. Wow. When I look at what Australia has been through in 2020 it really does break my heart.

That said I try and look at the positives.  I look at the graph with regards to pollution levels and see how amazing parts of the world are looking. That Mother Earth is rebelling against the human race and teaching us a lesson we have needed to learn for a long time now.

That’s pretty amazing. Also, since all the boats have left Venice it’s the first time that people are able to actually see into the water. The sediment at the bottom of the canals has settled and you can see fish. This gorgeous fella was the first dolphin sighting in over 60 years. He was playing about and just enjoying being in Venice.

Also the swans have also come back to visit the beautiful city.

Man has always thought it is stronger and more important that the planet. It is my desperate hope that there will be a new “normal”. That things will begin to change. That we see the earth as something to be treasured and not to be destroyed. There are so many good people in the world and we deserve a better future for our children.

I am glad that Mother Earth has finally taken charge and has helped us realise what is really important.

Sending you all much love and best wishes for a safe and healthy family.


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