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At Mantra Sports we grew tired of seeing so many products that are cheaply made and with little care. This is the last time that you buy without being 100% satisfied. We pride ourselves not only on our product, but on our Customer Service. Invest in yourself and we promise that we WILL take care of you along your journey. That's a Mantra Promise.

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Real People Real Reviews

Laura B – Amazon Customer

“I would recommend this product to anyone who has a hard time getting out and going to the gym.

Mantra Sports is unbelievable! In this world where most people are all about take the money and run, it is so rare and refreshing to have someone who goes above and beyond to make sure the customer is satisfied.”

Barbara - Amazon Customer

“I've put on the pounds since my girls went out on their own. You know how it it's well past time to regain my sense of balance, strength, and endurance.

Not only am I thrilled with the quality of the ball, but the owner’s concern for her customers. I highly recommend Mantra Sports for their products as well as genuine attention to their clients!”

Robert - Amazon Customer

“I have replaced my office chair with this exercise ball. It keeps me moving while I sit all day. I use the exercise bands when I am on a call that does not require me to talk or type. My posture has been corrected and that has relieved the chronic neck pain I have suffered with for more than 10 years.

I would recommend this item to anyone who wants to get more movement in their day without needing to take extra time out of their day to work out.”