The Best Way To Combat Depression & Loneliness Among Senior Citizens

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Have you ever thought what it might be like to live by yourself? Maybe you already do? Maybe you’re great with it but as someone who doesn’t I often wonder what may happen in my future. I live with my husband and two cats; my babies, and as much as it pains me, I do call them my furbabies! I want to grow old happily, without anxiety and feeling like I’m a burden to anyone.

I’m not trying to be melodramatic but it’s something that is constantly being brought to my attention by my parents. They’re in their 70s now and they are constantly fretting about their future. What happens when, not if, one of them goes. Despite this being their main worry, they don’t actually do anything to help themselves. They do no exercise then complain constantly about their health. Surely doing exercise would make sure that they are fitter and healthier to be able to grow old with less anxiety about their future?

I know this isn’t the nicest thing to talk about but did you know that 12 million senior citizens (65+) live by themselves in the US? Did you also know that many suffer from depression as well?

A lot of the time depression is caused by having their independence taken away from them. Being independent is so important to the physical and mental well-being of older adults. They don’t want to be treated like babies but unfortunately, we may come to treat them as such because they probably have had some sort of an accident.

Falls are the largest cause of emergency hospital admissions for older people. Allowing the elderly to work on retaining their balance and strength plays a huge part in allowing them to remain independent. It also allows them to concentrate and improve their physical as well as their mental health. If they don’t continuously concentrate on building their strength, it’s likely they will lose muscle mass and core balance. This ultimately leads to falls and accidents the main reason why so many live in a home and being cared for. It’s such a shame because they feel that they’re able to look after themselves but injuries also make it hard to maintain independence.

I know it seems as if the situation is dire but actually there is an easy solution: EXERCISE.  

We provide two solutions; an exercise ball and an agility ladder! The exercise ball and ladder allows anyone, beginner or experienced to work on easy and straightforward exercises to help work on balance and stability. The exercise ball also has a donut around the base of the ball also allows it to stay in position without the person falling off. What is so important with these products is that they offer a variety of exercises that help with cognitive functions; the ability to think, learn and remember.  It has been proven that physical activity, helps with issues such as muscle strength, depression, osteoporosis.

 (Don't worry they're not being taken hostage he's working on his balance!!)

In short, I think it’s safe to say that exercise plays so much more than just prolonging your lifespan, it helps with making life more fulfilling and enjoyable. 

Please confer with a medical professional before using one. Always have someone with you to help the first few times of using an exercise ball just so you can get used to it.




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