Is Water The Only Way To Hydrate??

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We all know that we have to hydrate. How we hydrate is extremely important. Some of us are really dedicated and have made it part of our daily routine to make sure we drink enough water. How much is debatable. Some people think that 2 Litres is sufficient. Others say that your body tells you when your thirsty and therefore you should wait. For me, water literally flows straight through me. I can't even comprehend how it gets to work its magic and hydrate my body because I am in the bathroom within moments. As a teacher back in the day I would have to keep my legs crossed especially when I was teaching the naughtier kids or on a school trip!!

(My first teacher led school trip to Mongolia!)

Dehydration is also a reason why some people often put weight on is because we often mistake our thirst for hunger. I am often there at the fridge just staring at the contents wondering what exactly it is that I fancy eating. If you're hungry you shouldn't really need to contemplate and that's because what you really need is water.

So, the question is how can you make your water more hydrating? Well gel water is a thing. It's not quite a liquid, vapor nor ice and it's molecular structure is H302. We understand that water gets distributed through our blood and lymphatic system and into our tissue keeping us hydrated. Gel water can generate electricity and the atoms are constantly moving between molecules all because of its highly conductive molecular structure.

Dr. Gerald Pollack, a bio-engineer who has invested much time into this topic explains that "Gel water is more hydrating than liquid water, because its unique electrical charge allows our systems to operate more efficiently, and its absorptive qualities help the body retain water." 

So, I guess the question is how to make our water more hydrating?

Well here are some suggestions:

💧 Add lime or lemon juice to water as the electrolytes help produce gel water.

💧 Add a pinch of sea or rock salt as again the electrolytes help produce gel water.

💧 Incorporate Chia seeds and cacti to your diet as they are full of gel water. If you crush the seeds you create more surface area and therefore more gel.

💧 Enjoy eating chocolate, coconut as they all release an electrical charge in your body when they start to dissolve.

💧 Eat more fruit and vegetables as they have naturally occurring electrolytes and they are full of water. Also, the fiber allows the body absorb gel water!

So, there you go! Something I wish I had known whilst teaching!!  Most importantly - no more service station stops every half hour whilst road trippin'!!!

(Road trip across New Zealand with besties!!)



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