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We are so excited to announce that our brand-new blog series 'Choose Your Mantra' is officially underway! But first things first, we can’t tell you how grateful we are for your support and for being part of our growing community. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

In case you are unaware, we take a lot of pride in our offerings and it means the world to us when we reach satisfied customers. Our main focus is on YOU! We want to make sure you get the best service possible, while also obtaining the best results with your fitness and wellness goals.

As we move forward with our brand, we will be giving you a plenitude of content to peruse through that we hope you find useful, engaging and entertaining. All of which will be centered around exercise descriptions, home workouts, motivation and details on how to properly use our products.


And before I go on any further, where are my manners? I almost forgot to introduce myself. My name is a Kevin Rail, and I’m a Restorative Coach, Fitness Specialist and Guest Blogger for Mantra Sports.

My main objective is and always has been to instill lasting change in people once I leave the room.  I can train you in person all day long and give you all kinds of positive words of encouragement, but if you don’t follow through when I leave, what good will that do?

It is my hope that you will find your groove, manage your time and feed off my energy to create the discipline needed to make all of your health and fitness goals come to fruition. All of this occurs by taking it one step at a time and being patient.


As humans, we often get quickly bogged down by “things” getting in the way. They can be either tangible or intangible things. And it’s how you react when they crop up that will determine whether or not you move forward.

For example, if you plan on heading into the basement first thing in the morning to work out with some of your new equipment from Mantra, what are you going to do when your alarm clock blares and you realize it’s an hour earlier than normal?

Don’t you dare reach over and hit the snooze button! You will sabotage your progress before it even starts. What you NEED to do is shut off the alarm, roll out of bed and guzzle a bunch of water.

Then march downstairs and get your swell on! This is called sacrifice and it’s also called going beyond your comfort zone. If you think it’s going to be easy to completely change a habit that you’ve followed for years with a new one, then you’re fooling yourself.

I’m just being honest here. I’ve spent most of my adult life, studying human nature and believe me, I know the score. Being lazy is easy, being mean is easy and attaching to a negative outcome is easy. But these are the exact things that keep people in ruts for months and years on end.

I don’t know if I can speak for you, but that sounds like a very unsatisfying lifestyle. One of which I do not prescribe to or promote to anybody. Wouldn’t it be a lot more fun and valuable to jump out of bed early in the morning with excitement?

Wouldn’t it feel so good to see your waistline shrink and muscles develop in your body that you can be proud to display whilst wearing a swimsuit? I think so too. And all you have to do, is visualize yourself as you want to be.

Well, that’s not ALL you have to do. You still have to put some work in. But, when you see yourself already where you want to be, it creates a ripple of energy that manifests. The next thing you know, it gets easier to wake up every day.



Every day, it gets easier to work out. And every day, you start to feel more energized, physically fit and happy. The next thing you know, you are right on track to make all of your goals come to reality.

You may not have known this, but fitness causes a carryover effect into all facets of your life. This includes your professional life, family life AND personal life. When you do physical movement, get your heart rate up and crank out reps, it ends up boosting your self-confidence.

With higher self-confidence, you can excel at your job, being a parent or spouse and expanding your social network.  Then you have achieved the status of rock star! At this point, there’s nothing left to do but go on tour and sign autographs.

Well, that may be a tad far-fetched. But what you CAN do is inspire all those in your inner circle to follow the same steps that you did. And nothing is more gratifying in life then when you help other people get to where they want to go as well.


All this being said, here’s your homework assignment…

  • Go out there and be the change you want to see in the world. Live it, breath it and drink it in every second of every day.
  • Live in the present moment. What’s done is done so the past can’t help you. And you don’t know exactly what the future has in store, so there’s no sense in losing precious man or woman hours worrying about it.
  • Do at least one thing beyond your comfort zone every day. We already covered this.
  • Do at least one good deed every day without any expectation of anything in return. To put this in layperson’s terms, what comes around goes around. If you spread good chi out to society, it will come back to you tenfold.

Then all that’s left to do is sit back and watch the magic happen right before your eyes.

And with that, I bid you adieu & wish you all the best!


P.S. Stay tuned to get the latest news, product updates and blog posts supporting your goals. This can be your one-stop-shop for everything you need to be motivated, dedicated and your best self ever.

P.P.S. Hit reply and let us know if there is any health and well-being topic you want us to cover off in the coming weeks.

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