1 Great Way To Relieve Back And Neck Pain!

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I don’t know about you but I love a good crack! (Not like that!!) As someone with lower back pain problems I am constantly trying to crack my neck and my back! It doesn’t actually do much but makes me feel I’m releasing a whole load of stress in that single click. According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, that popping noise is really just your ligaments stretching and a release of carbon dioxide gas that builds up in a joint. It also seems I am not the only one who has suffered from back pain. 8 out of 10 Americans suffer from it.

Sheeesssh this has got to be bad for me doesn’t it?

So, I have been researching this and the I am horrified that this actual movement can actually cause wear and tear on the joints leading to joint strain, swelling, and even breakdown. It can also cause damage to the soft tissue of the joints.


Back cracking repels any potential love interest!

Think about it….

You’re having a romantic meal with your love interest and looking into each other’s eyes. He/she/it (thanks Miley Cyrus for ruining subject pronouns for me!) thinks there is some chemistry and leans in for a kiss. Then all of a sudden, the urge to crack your neck takes over the moment. The next thing they see is this revolting twisted face as you turn your neck to the side and a ripple of cracks reverberates the room and you sigh with relief. Not the best way to get someone into the love shack!



Why exactly are we cracking our backs and neck?

Well, the urge to crack your back really stems from a segment in your spine not moving correctly. This is really scary especially as I used to see kids doing it all the time in the classroom. Basically, we have poor posture sat at a desk all the time and slouching on the couch.



I always revert to slouching even when I mean to sit up!

Well, an exercise ball is a great solution. You never slouch and it’s the perfect way to help improve posture and relieve back pain. They are great fun and the kids love them too. You can use them in so many places; watching TV, gaming, working at a desk. It makes the user to increase trunk muscle activation and thus increase core strength, improve posture and decrease back pain.

At the end of the day we are stretching our body when cracking our backs and neck. The ball will not only help with your posture but you can lie back onto the ball to stretch out.

Are you sure……?

I am positive that if you will see a difference in the way you and your family hold yourselves after using this ball. We definitely need to help our kids with their back health too, don't we? I have seen a difference and even if I don’t always have a ball to sit on everywhere I am more conscious of my posture whilst sitting.





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