8 Ways To Stick To Your Healthy New Year's Resolution!

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I think for most of us celebrating with food and drink, the family antics and overall stress of the holiday season has taken its toll on our health. I can definitely vouch for that. I tried not to drink too much on New Year’s Eve and woke up extremely smug when my husband woke up with a cracking headache. Then as the day wore on, I felt sick, tired and ate two bags of potato chips and chocolate. What a way to start the New Year!!

I must admit I don’t feel the same as I used to. I can’t drink as much and I want to feel healthier in myself. I am still trying to drink the recommended amount of water everyday to make me feel better but I do reach out for that can of soda or coffee at times. I am totally over the fad diets too. I've tried, they've worked and then I've failed. This has got to be more than a token gesture to a New Year Resolution, I have to try and work on a new way of living, one that includes balance and happiness.

Therefore, I am going to try and do something different to help keep my momentum and going without starving myself and getting bored.

So, what I need to do to ensure that I stick to my resolution?

  1. Know what I want to achieve. I know that I want to lose weight and have better skin. I want to feel better in my body and be able to look at myself in the mirror without seeing that look of horror on my face.
  2. Give myself a timeline. I’m not going fully out and saying a year or even a month. I am going to be really realistic and give myself 1 week. Don’t make your exercise routine last hours on end every day. 15 – 30 minutes a day as you get into it.
  3. Don’t give up on everything you like. I love carbs and wine. I don’t want to give these things up because they will be a treat. I can treat myself to these at the weekend only or have a mini mid-week naughty!
  4. Write down your daily routine. Writing down a daily exercise routine and devising your weekly recipe list in advance. After a week I’ll see if my routine can work. Review what I’ve done and what I liked or disliked or what I can continue to do knowing that I won’t give up. Amend and revise your routine.
  5. Don’t use the scales to measure your progress. Look at how you feel within yourself. Do you wake up feeling better and more alive? As long as this is how you feel the clothes will start to fit better…. I hope!
  6. Don’t do things you don’t like. Sounds simple but so many people pay to go to the gym. I know I have! Did I go? Did I *#@!! Finding YouTube videos with exercise classes worked well with me especially when I like the instructor. I don’t have to waste time going to the gym.
  7. Listen to music before doing exercise. Listen to your favorite party tunes to get you in the mood!
  8. Buy an inspiring & easy recipe book.  Be inspired by the pictures but careful not to buy over complicated recipe books. One that helps you eat healthily without being over complicated. 

Why don't YOU tell us and others what has worked for you and how you have stuck to your resolutions whether it be for the New Year or just New You! 

Wishing you all a Happy & Healthy 2020 from the Mantra Sports Team!!



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